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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for the Vision Impaired
Guardian Tactile Systems

Installing Guardian Tactiles Externally

The Guardian Tactile System has a degree of flexibility that takes surface irregularities and minor variations into account.

For external use, the Peel, Bond & Walk® system still applies but we recommend the application of our special surface primer.

A more cost effective solution

Once Guardian Tactiles are installed they can be walked on immediately
Once Guardian Tactiles are installed they can be walked on immediately.

The unique design and ease of installation results in Guardian Tactiles being up to 60% more cost effective than other surface indicator products on the market today.

In addition, the Guardian Tactile installation process creates the least disruption to building workers and the general public.

Guardian Tactile Paving provides long-lasting solutions to the incorporation of aids for the vision impaired. Their unique design and impact resistant polyurethane composition makes them extremely hard-wearing and long lasting. Our tiles have a wear resistance equal to Granite and Ceramic Tiles (CSIRO Tested - review test report).

They are exceptionally durable, and stand up well to Australia's harsh outdoor conditions, as well as all types of indoor conditions. Guardian Tactiles are designed to be UV and VIS light resistant, so they will not fade or discolour. The tactiles will not peel, lift, chip, crack or slip when installed in accordance with our procedures.

Every Guardian Tactile we supply complies fully with Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1428.4.1:2009) and carries a full 10 year product guarantee from our company.

External Installation Process

  • Step 1 - Clean surface

    1Surface must be dry and free of dirt and dust. Use a string line or level to mark out the exact area to be tiled and apply masking tape around outer perimeter.

  • Step 2 - Apply Primer

    2Apply primer, then remove masking tape and wait 60 minutes.

  • Step 3 - Lay tiles

    3Peel back the tile adhesive backing and place in the correct position.

  • Step 4

    4Once all tiles are laid, proceed to tap them down to firmly secure to the substrate.

Step 5 - Ready for pedestrian access
The tactile tiles are now complete and ready for pedestrian access.

Tactile Installation We have provided a video demonstration of the installation. Tactile Installation
Please contact Guardian Tactiles should you have any further questions.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

Guardian is so confident that our Tactile Ground Surface Indicator will withstand any natural condition, that we offer a 10 year warranty*. Ensuring your peace of mind like no other tactile.

10 Year Tactile Guarantee
  • UV resistant anywhere in Australia
  • Stable polyurethane compound eliminates cracking and/or lifting
  • Unique Peel, Bond & Walk® adhesive - only available with our product
  • Completely colour fast - will not fade
  • Meets all non-slip and material resistance requirements

    * Conditions apply

Professional Installation

Schedule an appointment today with our friendly Customer Service Team and have your tactiles professionally installed. Guardian Tactile Installations are provided with a warranty and comply to the Australian Standards AS1428.4 Act.