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Tactile Ground Surface Indicators for the Vision Impaired
Guardian Tactile Systems

Installing Guardian Tactiles Internally

Guardian Tactiles bonded directly to carpet
Guardian Tactiles bonded directly to carpet.

The installation process for the Guardian Tactile System has been designed to be as rapid and efficient as possible with minimal disruption to traffic.

The Peel, Bond and Walk installation means our tactiles can be fitted into small areas that would be difficult or impossible for laying indicators in alternative materials, such as concrete or ceramic tiles.

Who installs the tactiles?

The Guardian Tactile System can be supplied in kit form and installation instructions or we can organise one of over 60 installers throughout Australia to carry out the work for you.

Request more information from our Head Office or one of our Australian or overseas distributors.

Internal Installation Process

Typical concrete stair well installation.

  • Step 1 - Clean surface

    1Thoroughly clean the surface by wiping with a clean rag and Acetone solvent. Use a string line or level to mark out the exact area to be tiled.

  • Step 2 - Peel back adhesive backing

    2Peel back the adhesive backing and place the tile in the correct position.

  • Step 3 - Lay tiles

    3Remove all backing sheets and proceed to lay the remainder of tiles.

  • Step 4

    4Once all tiles are correctly positioned, proceed to tap them down to firmly secure to the substrate.

Step 5 - Ready for pedestrian access
The tactiles are now complete and ready for pedestrian access.

10 Year Tactile Guarantee